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WREN Construction

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A Wide Range of Infrastructure Services

Wren Construction services encompass four major categories: Maintenance, Modification and Upgrade Services, New Site Construction, and DAS Systems.

Maintenance, Modifications, & Upgrade Services

Wren has the experience and capabilities to support the majority of site performance services, including:

• Highly-technical items that may include, but are not limited to, installing and replacing computer servers, solar panels, or microwave radio devices.
• Non-technical items that may include, but are not limited to, generator monitoring during storms, re-painting towers and maintaining access roads to sites.

Wren Construction also has extensive experience maintaining, modifying, and upgrading sites. New structural and technical requirements drive steady demand for Wren's services, which include:

• Tower Mapping
• Structural Investigations
• Site Audits
• Microwave Radio Upgrades
• Telco & Fiber Installation & Testing
• Equipment Installation & Integration 
• Alarming
• DC Cabling
• Installing In-Building Network Systems
• Increasing Capacity through New Lines, Antennas
• Installing Amplifiers (Ground & Aerial)
• Diplexers
• Surge Arresting Systems
• Wi-Fi
• New Site Construction

New Site Construction

Our company utilizes the latest technologies to engineer cost-effective networks for each customer's wireless communication requirements. Wren routinely constructs the following new site types:

• Raw Land Monopole & Lattice Towers
• Light Poles
• Roof Tops
• Pine & Flag Poles
• Utility Poles
• Co-Locations
• Water Tanks
• Complex Sites (Including Mountain Top Sites Requiring Helicopters for Concrete Placement & Tower Erection)

The design and deployment of specialty communication systems is a comprehensive effort that requires in-depth knowledge of general construction techniques and considerable wireless technology expertise. For instance, radio frequencies need to be configured so that networks are free from interference with other signals and amplified sufficiently to carry data, voice or video with speed and accuracy.