Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Since 1999, the dedicated team at Wren Construction as been providing wireless infrastructure services to major telecommunication carriers. Our goal is to help our customers efficiently and economically manage their network growth and stability. We are experienced with a vast range of infrastructure services.

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Installation — Testing and commissioning base station equipment; the installation of radio frequency equipment inside the shelter at a cell site and testing to ensure that the equipment is operating prior to cell site activation.

Equipment Modification & Reconfiguration — Replacing old equipment with new equipment, rerouting cables, and relocating equipment at the cell site.

Network Modification — Work done on existing cell sites to increase capacity or change the direction of sectors or antennas.

Sectorization — The installation of antennas to existing cell towers to increase the capacity of the cell site.

Maintenance — Antenna maintenance to replace damaged antennas, installing tower lighting control panels or sensors, repairing damaged shelters, enabling access to sites including road clearance, and more.

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